Adobe Graphics and Illustration for Educators

28th Jan – 15th March 2019

Aimed at teaching professionals, many of my fellow participants on this course were professional graphic designers looking to continue their personal professional development, as well as teachers in colleges and schools teaching art and design. While I’ve been using Adobe Illustrator for 25 years, there is always something new to learn, and following these structured course programmes from Adobe, with both live and recorded tutorials has been fun and inspiring.

This course comprised of 5 tutorials and supporting videos, over 5 weeks, with a weekly live classroom for questions and demonstrations from renowned digital artists, and a weekly assignment. We also had to keep an adobe sparks journal to record our learning progress which had to be submitted along with our assignments. Finally, we had to view and review work from other participants.


Using the Google Android logo as an inspiration, create your own character version.

Original Google Android

The Google Android logo is released under creative commons license. Click here for more information on usage permissions.

Boy meets girl

When looking for inspiration, it was February, so why not let Valentine’s day be my inspiration?

Draw an animal character that might be used for a mascot

Well I’m in my elements here! Creating characters, and animals – what’s not to love?

The big decision was ‘which’ animal?

Some animals are born beautiful: the elegance of a horse perhaps? Horses and hippopotamuses are related species… I figured I’d choose the ugly cousin.

The technical skills that they were looking for here was being able to draw with the bezier pen and manipulate the curves, and consideration to colours. At some point, I’ll make a nice jungle background for my hippo to sit in.

Create an avatar of yourself.

This was not easy!

To represent me properly, of course my avatar has to include my sidekick Escher!

Technical skills including drawing minimalistic lines to create an obvious likeness. I think I’ve captured us both quite well.

Create a minimalistic poster to represent a film

This is an old film, but considered a classic by many of my friends and the red duffle coat was the running feature throughout the film.

It was fun to have the opportunity to convey a little horror genre. It also gave me an opportunity to play with some of the effect brushes I might not otherwise use in my every day work.

The film was “Don’t look Now” starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie

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