Creative Imaging for Educators

February 11th – 29th March 2019

Aimed at teaching professionals, many of my fellow participants on this course were professional graphic designers looking to continue their personal professional development, as well as teachers in colleges and schools teaching art and design. While I’ve been using Adobe Illustrator for 25 years, there is always something new to learn, and following these structured course programmes from Adobe, with both live and recorded tutorials has been fun and inspiring.

This course comprised of 5 tutorials and supporting videos, over 5 weeks, with a weekly live classroom for questions and demonstrations from renowned digital artists, and a weekly assignment. We also had to keep an adobe sparks journal to record our learning progress which had to be submitted along with our assignments. Finally, we had to view and review work from other participants.



One of the main themes of this course was working to the principle of ‘non destructive’ editing. This means that rather than applying effects and styles to the actual image, we work using layer masks. The advantages of working in this way are that it allows a lot more flexibility, and if you don’t like something, rather than having to start from scratch, you can just turn off that layer. It does however take some self discipline!

The images in this collage were all source from Unsplash.

exploding cat
digital art

Another challenge I particularly enjoyed was creating this explosion effect. It’s a style I’d seen many times before, but never needed to reproduce it, so never gave much thought as to how it might be done. I’ll be using it a lot more now!

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