Documents and Forms

Who said business forms have to be boring? Why not make them beautiful?

Most businesses use form in some way or another, be it time sheets, consent forms or to gather information to help them provide a more tailored service, and they’re probably the one piece of company branding that people spend time with, in hand looking at. What an opportunity to help build a positive mental connection with your brand. We can make those forms beautiful!


What’s more, rather than the whole faffing around: printing them out; looking for a pen, and then another cos the first one had run out of ink; filling it all in in illegible handwriting because ‘nobody’ writes by hand outside of school anymore; taking a photo on a phone and emailing it back –

What if…

 Your customers could simply fill in live text boxes and buttons on screen, and with buttons included within the form itself for print out and email return?

  • Absolute minimal computer skills needed on the customers part, no need to save, rename, or navigate away
  • No need to find a pen, clear a desk and sit down to write, its all on their screen in front of them
  • Spelling errors don’t need to be scribbled out, simply overwritten on screen
  • You don’t have to try and interpret bad handwriting!

If this sounds like the perfect solution for you…

Click on the button above to be directed to a form where you can simply fill in the detail,
or alternatively, call me on 07979 400 339 during normal office hours, or text for me to call you back and we can talk.

If you’d like to see a sample for yourself, please see download the files below.