Other Bits ‘n’ Bobs

Weimaraner Club of Great Britain Yearbooks 2011 & 2018

As a big dog lover, and especially of this incredibly intelligent and elegant breed, I like to help out the breed club with bits and pieces as they require.

In 2011 I was asked ot redraw the illustrated breed standard to reflect that in the UK, dogs with docked tails are no longer allowed to exhibit in dog shows where the public pay to enter, and as a traditionally docked breed, the illustrated standard needed to reflect how the dog should look with a tail.

I was also asked to compile the entire book, made up of various chapters to reflect club information; articles of interest; photos and details top show dogs; outstanding field achievement; winners of other sports; and finally breeder adverts, many of which I was also asked to design, and then of course the cover.

It was a fun project… though a lot of work and little wonder why they don’t produce one every year. I also worked on the following book in 2018, and expect that I will be putting the next one together in the near future.