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There’s no getting away from it, social media platforms such as Facebook and  Instagram have really changed the way that people find and choose product and service providers. Recommendations and people liking and sharing your content can spread your message to a lot of people in a very short space of time!

But remember too that  people also have the ability to turn off notifications from adverts they find boring or not of interest; groups may remove you from the membership lists and you may even give you a penalty ban if they consider your ads to be ‘spammy’… so it’s really worth thinking about what you put out there.

Top tips to remember

Make it meaningful

Airy clouds and benign photo stock images get repeated everywhere and don't say much about anything, people tend to just skim past them. What a waste of time?

Target your customers

Social groups are a great way of finding people who already have a common interest in the services and product you sell... but be careful to take into account group rules!

Build on your story

With meaningful ads our customers want to see, now we can start to build a story to keep their interest and help people remember to think of you when they need you.

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