What’s in a business logo?

Your business logo is the face of your business. It should be instantly recognisable and represent the character and values that you and your business ethos stand for. It’s much more than just a symbol, its a whole identity!

There are many sites and services now that offer cheap “off the peg” business logos and logos for ‘a fivrr’, which provide an image – but design is much more than ‘an image’ and you often find that many of these cheap images are actually widely available for anyone (and everyone) else to use on the internet… your competitors, or even completely unrelated businesses, some of whom you might not really want to be associated with!

There is also the very serious risk of copyright infringement when using free images as your business logo which your ‘logo designer’ might not have considered too important to them to worry about, but could be for you in using it!

Even just using a standard font as a logo could put you in breach of copyright law!

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