Exhibitions & Signage


SOAS University of London from 9th May 2022 West Wall Gallery Walk and Talk curated by Sanjukta Ghosh At the Wolfson Gallery, Thornhaugh Street London WC1H 0XG My brief: given a Powerpoint presentation showing required slides and information, and a couple of photos and  floor plan of the exhibition area, we discussed how best to […]

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Diana Attwood Attwood Designs /adgraphicdesignstansted /attwooddesigns www.ad-graphidesign.co.uk +44 (0) 7979 400 339

Seamless Patterns

I’m not particularly ‘into’ patterns, I tend to wear plain clothes and prefer looking at images that tell a story rather than particularly ‘just looking nice’, so I was going to forego this one but for patterns do have their place, and I’d had such amazing feedback from the Adobe Mentors team and other contributors […]

3D and Materials FX in Adobe Illustrator

May 22nd 2022 Adobe illustrator Creative Challenge: “Create a fun and exciting 3D character by enhancing simple shapes with the help of the magic 3D technology preview in Illustrator!” Adobe are bringing out new features and enhancements all the time, so I like to keep myself up to date by running through these challenges as […]

ADCC 2022

Feb 28th 2022 Challenge: Use sleek type and simple shapes to create a your own modern logo. I first used this method in the early 2000’s to create an animated Flash movie of some spring flowers opening from buds, and a caterpillar moving across the scene. My take here was to use overlay opacity mode […]

Photoshop Daily Creative Challenge

February 2022 Challenge 1: Create a super speed blur effect Subject: Provided image of woman boxer Lighting Portrait Lighting Effects: Use adjustment layers, color dodge, and multiply to create unique lighting effects for portraits. Latest Posts