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"I'd recommend Diana Attwood, who did our company website
- we are really pleased with it"

- Elaine O'Prey, Kestrel Consultancy Group

3D and Materials FX in Adobe Illustrator
3D and Materials FX in Adobe Illustrator

May 22nd 2022 Adobe illustrator Creative Challenge: “Create a fun and exciting 3D character by enhancing simple shapes with the help of the magic 3D technology preview in Illustrator!” Adobe are bringing out new features and enhancements all the time, so I like to keep myself up to date by running through these challenges as […]


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Logos Design &

I use Adobe Illustrator to create vector images for all purposes. Vector images are particularly good for logo design in that they are fully scalable and colours can be quickly changed to suit different applications.

Photo Editing &

From simple tweaks and enhancements to elegant wall art, if you have a photograph that you would like to to use for any purpose, I can create that for you in Adobe Photoshop.

Document Layout
& Business Cards

Whether you need a corporate brochure, smart business stationery, or funky party invitations, I can produce everything you need ready for print, and I can even arrange the print production for you too.

Web design for WordPress, Joomla & HTML

With 20 years experience in building websites for a wide variety of different applications, I can help you decide which platform might best for you, and either create a site you can easily maintain yourself, or take care of the everyday running of it for you.

Social Media Assets & Story Images

Social Media can be fabulous for getting word about you and your work out to the wider audience, but it can be a very competitive playing field. Targetting your stories and linking them neatly in to your brand can go a long way to helping you grab those clients

Live PDF Forms &
Print-it-Yourself Documents

Your forms are very often the single piece of your corporate branding your clients spend most time looking at, so why not make them beautiful and simple you fill out both in paper and paperless format? This document type is also great for menus and certificates!


Packaging mock-up and 3d character creation

Adobe Illustrator DCC June 2022: I combined a couple of these challenges in one to create this fun frog character, taking the packaging mock up challenge as more of a fun way to give the frog a little personality rather than a demonstration of design skills.

Seamless Patterns

Adobe Illustrator DCC May 2022: Create a seamless pattern. I recycled a few images from my vector portfolio to show how we can create custom bespoke patterns for your work uniforms or furnishings.