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May 22nd 2022 Adobe illustrator Creative Challenge:

“Create a fun and exciting 3D character by enhancing simple shapes with the help of the magic 3D technology preview in Illustrator!”

Adobe are bringing out new features and enhancements all the time, so I like to keep myself up to date by running through these challenges as I find a little time.

This fun character effect seems to be trending at the moment, and while if asked to recreate this look using the bare bones of Adobe Illustrator, knowing how to with the tools provided saves a significant amount of time. The initial character creation out of basic shapes here, and the rendering, took me less than an hour!

Initial colour palette provided. The dog image I created, using just basic triangle and circle shapes and a few lines with some warp on the head and ears, then filled with samples from the colours given.

How fun is this 🙂 …but while I like Vizslas very much indeed, my own breed is the Weimaraner. A very similar looking breed, but bigger, with a little more attitude… so with a change in colours, we also have:

And then why not…

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