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Live PDF Forms &
Print-it-Yourself Documents

Your business forms are, of all the documents you might directly present to your customers, are the one document that your customer will spend most time looking at. It makes sense to make these documents at least a joy to look at, as frankly, no one ever actually enjoys filling out forms!

We now also have a world where by some people prefer to fill out a form on line – so speed and efficiency, where others prefer a more traditional paper form – phone screens can be quite difficult on more mature eyes, so it makes a lot of sense to offer your customers the best of both.

I use Adobe Indesign to create a perfectly balanced, attractive form layout, from which point we can:

  • Have the forms professionally printed as a set of paper documents – ideal if you prefer to keep duplicate NCR paper copies;
  • Email the form to you as a flat pdf document which you can print off to present to your clients as required – great for smaller home businesses;
  • Create live pdf documents which offer you, and your customers the options to print them off to be filled out by pen, or fill them out on line.

This document process is so versatile for so many kinds of document, from banks drafts to certificates of achievement, disclaimer forms to letting agreements and much much more.

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