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Photo Editing & Compositing

I created the above for one of the Adobe Creative Challenges in 2021, and it was particularly well received.

If you have an idea for a photo composite that you would like to see, maybe as a wall art, or for a t-shirt, or even based around a photo of a friend for a birthday cards, please get in touch. These are great fun to make!

The first image here was created for one of my dog training friends who wanted to honour her much beloved late labrador Woozle along side Poppy, her current dog. There are few things harder in life than the loss of a dog, something I know too well!

A 'few for fun' ones from the Adobe Creative Challenges

The Vampire: the challenge was to create a ‘painterly’ effect, as in to make a photograph look like it had been painted. I chose a smart office guy from Adobe Stock images and turned him into a historic oil painting of a vampire.

Wolf in Sheep’s clothing: The actual challenge was to create a cyborg, merging machinery and living being in to one, but I am a more organic kind of person, and so I figured I’d use the same methods to fit a wolf inside a sheep.

The kingfisher was provided as the subject from which the challenge was to create a photo composite around. I added the hand and the waterfall, and painted in the shadows and highlights to make it look natural.