Attwood Designs

Logo Design and Illustration

I’ve been using Adobe Illustrator since the mid 1990’s to create artwork for a hugely varied range of applications, including business logos, illustrations and caricatures for books and guides, maps, decals and websites.

To keep myself up to date and creatively inspired, when I have time, I also enjoy participating in the Adobe Illustrator Creative Challenges

Exclusively GB logo  created in Adobe Illustrator. The logo had to be versatile and adaptable for different background types.

The Pixie was commissioned as a logo for a new pre-school in Takeley, Essex. The original brief was that it would be embroidered onto badges, but then they decided that it would be printed instead, so the design evolved to allow some shading and transparency effect.

I was asked to build a website for the King’s Arms Hotel in Stansted by the previous landlords. The heraldic shield was traced from a photograph I took of the  original acid etch window. The window is still there a lovely relic of the past and a beautiful feature, though sadly in recent refurbishments the designers were not so keen to take as much attention to detail, and the versions used in  the pub signage are completely different to the original window.

Dogs are a passion of mine and as such I have a fair client base of dog enthusiasts and professionals. I particularly like this one I created for Carol Ashmore of Bull eye dog training.

A few 'just for fun' Adobe Creative Challenge designs